Hypnosis Happy Hour

Every week we offer our patients and guests a healthy way to reduce stress in their lives. These sessions not only serve as a classroom to learn about the benefits of hypnosis, but also teach how to focus within in order to make happy, positive changes in this stressful world. During our sessions we concentrate on letting go of the unnecessary stressors we experience throughout the week and refocus on the important things that balance out our lives mentally, physically, and emotionally. The best part about our sessions is watching people make the much needed changes in their lives and become truly aware of the important things that require attention and energy. There are many distractions that can become overwhelming and rob us of this time and energy instead of allowing us to concentrate on the needs and wants of ourselves and our families. These sessions are a great introduction to how hypnosis can help you make lasting changes. Individual, specific, personalized sessions are available by appointment.

Hypnosis Happy Hour is on Friday evenings every week at a cost of $35 per guest or as part of our Wellness Membership.