The Five Pillars of Health

By: Suzanne Swearengen, DOM, AP

Whole-body Wellness are the latest buzzwords used in and outside the medical office. Society has gained a new awareness. This has encouraged people to take an active role in gaining optimal health. In recent seminars, we learned that there is more to wellness than reducing stress, eating well and regular exercise. This concept brings new light to wellness and balanced living.

The Five Pillars of Health is a philosophy that encompasses all aspects of life, and is the true definition of Wellness. This vision stems from Isamu Masuda, the founder of Nikken, a leading developer of health and wellness solutions. His belief is that longevity thrives from health in all aspects of life – not just the physical body.

In reviewing these factors in my own life, I realized that even I had overlooked areas that were, in a sense, aging me. I invite you to conduct your own life evaluation, regarding these five vital components: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Family, Healthy Society, and Healthy Finances.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind are concepts that have become commonplace, and are part of a movement that urges individuals to seek balance in life. Our society is beginning to realize that quality of life declines greatly without a healthy mind and body.

Healthy Family refers to loved ones in general. A healthy family is a network of individuals bonded to you that share your life's experiences, trials, and tribulations.

This includes friends, partners, and blood relatives. It is not necessarily the stereotypical family of mom, dad, and kids living in perfect harmony.

Healthy Society has to do with how we treat our world with those around us. Often we put ourselves first and portray a "me" attitude. We are eager to share the events of a bad day, but fall short in recalling the good things that occur everyday. As individuals, we can change society with positive behavior. Respect those around you by doing simple things like saying thank you, holding a door for the person behind you, or using turn signals in traffic. Leading by example will guide our society back to the days when we knew and cared about our neighbors. It has been proven that simply smiling benefits mood.

Healthy Finances seems obvious, however, it is not just about making more money. Most people think that they must work more to make more. Healthy Finances actually refers to working less and earning more. To obtain this, one gets their money to work for them. There are many ways to achieve this, and it starts by living within one's means. This pertains to all income levels, as there are many millionaires who are in debt. The keyword here is residual income. Individuals who are living paycheck to paycheck will find it worth their while to consult with a financial advisor to find ways to reduce financial stress.

The Five Pillars of Health are quite simple, but most people are lacking elements in one or more areas. Everyone has the tools and ability to create the life they envision for themselves. It is never too late to evaluate and take the steps to fulfill that vision

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