Acupuncture Is A Great Alternative For Chronic Pain

By: Justina Coronel |


SALISBURY, Md. - Recently the CDC published some guidelines for prescribing opioids for chronic pain.

One of the guidelines recommends doctor's really educate patients about the possible risks involved with opioids.

The guidelines really encouraged using alternatives such as physical therapy and acupuncture.

At the Personal Wellness Center, an acupuncturist tells us about how this process is very beneficial. These very thin needles gently pricking into the body can make a huge difference for those dealing with chronic pain.

An acupuncturist for 33 years, David Mercier tells us that acupuncture is more than just healing the painful body parts. Once the needle is inserted into the point it does stimulate nerves, it doesn't go into the nerve but it stimulates the nerves around which sends a signal to the brain to start doing things better.

Many people tend to have chronic pain and often use prescription drugs or opioids to relieve the pain.

The Wicomico County Health Department's alcohol and drug prevention coordinator, Cynthia Shifler tells us that half of the people who use prescription drugs become addicted. Shifler tells us that opioids really do not work for chronic pain, they have not been found to be that affective. She says there other alternatives to help fix this pain.

And acupuncture is one of those alternative methods.

By going to the source of the pain, Mercier says it actually tends to have lasting results.

We are told alot of people report feeling very relaxed, their depression is lifting, they're more focused and happier with acupuncture.

The Health Department tell 47 ABC not all insurances cover the practice of acupuncture, but it will be more cost effective and more preventive to do it, rather than having someone become addicted for years.

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