Allergy Solutions

A new season upon us brings many problems for individuals prone to allergies. Allergies stem from an inappropriate reaction by the immune system to a substance that is not normally harmful. In the US, 40 to 50 million people are affected by respiratory allergies. These environmental allergenscan make daily life challenging. Here is good news for those who suffer from such allergies - there are solutions to control allergies without side effectsassociated with medications.

For minor allergies, a simple and effective practice at home is to flush the nasal cavity with saline solution. One can use a Nedi Pot or a nasal flushing syringe. This should be done once daily for light sinus congestion, and twice daily for heavier congestion. Saline is a natural antibacterial agent and is crucial in cleansing both infection causing bacteria from the sinuses as well as allergen particles. It is also advisable to support the body with healthy food choices and avoid immune stressors like caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and heavy carbohydrates.Focus on incorporating fruits and vegetables, especially those high in minerals and vitamin K. Plain yogurt is also known to be helpful.

Additional support for the immune system includes nutrient supplementation when exposure to allergy triggers is likely. Vitamins such as A,E, and C(with bioflavonoids), witha formulated B-complexare recommended.

Coenzyme Q10 and the mineral Zinc(take short term) are also powerful immune boosters. For symptom control, one can also supplement with herbs such as Stinging Nettle, Alfalfa, or Horehound. For severe allergies, one can follow the above recommendations, but will likely need the guidance of a natural healthcare professional to tailor a program suited to their needs.

Other considerations involve environmental solutions. Proper maintenance of central air systems such as,changing filters regularly and cleaning air ducts every five years will help reduce allergen levels at home.An air purifier at home and at work is of additional benefit. Consider bathing at the end of the day to wash allergens off of hair and skin, and when possible, change clothes after spending time outdoors.

If the antihistamines and steroid medications are not working well for you, perhaps it is time to consider another approach to getting through the seasons.

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