Hypnosis More Personal, Internal Than External, Says Hypnotherapist And Entertainer

By: CNC News


Hypnosis is often misrepresented as one person being under the control and dominion of another, but that's not the case, says Roger Boucher.

He is a hypnotist, entertainer and owner of Guiding Minds Hypnotherapy. Boucher describes hypnotism as something internal and personal, rather than something imposed.

"A lot of people feel that it is something that's to be afraid of because they're losing control," Boucher told CBC Radio's Saskatchewan Weekend on Saturday.

"But really, you're gaining more control over your mind because it's you that gets yourself into that state."

Boucher describes the role of the hypnotist as a guide, rather than an instructor.

"It allows us to learn how to direct our minds to more positive things," Boucher said.

Boucher says misconceptions stem from people not understanding hypnotism properly, or from those who have never experienced it.

He also says people go into hypnotic states in everyday life. When people are driving and suddenly realize they don't know how they got to their destination, that an example of a hypnotic state, Boucher said.

"It's automatic."

He said he was turned on to hypnosis by a friend and it has been something he always enjoyed. He decided to take it to the stage after he finished a hypnotherapy course.

Hypnotherapy drew him in due to its positive effects on people, he says, which includes stopping habits such as nail biting or alleviating anxiety.

The entertainment aspect of hypnosis allows people to engage their imagination in a specific way, by contrast.

"People bring things that you don't expect ... There's always little surprises where their personality shines," he said.

Boucher's show, The Hilarious Hyped Up Hypno Show, hits the stage at the Refinery Arts and Spirits Centre in Saskatoon on Saturday evening. On March 30, the show will be in Buffalo Narrows.

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